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Summary information

  • Step free access through the three gates on Parks Road, and the gate on South Parks Road. Gates held open during opening hours
  • The Cox's Corner and Lady Margaret Hall entrances have narrow gates and will not be accessible to most wheelchair users
  • Paths around the Parks are wide, step free and have a firm surface. Paths can be uneven in places
  • There is an accessible toilet next to the Cricket Pavilion which requires a Radar Key
  • There are also standard male and female toilets
  • There is no parking onsite, but there are public Blue Badge spaces on Keble Road which are just under 200 m from one of the entrance gates in Parks Road
  • Please see University Parks website for general information, including opening hours, and map

This table contains summary information

On-site designated parking for Blue Badge holders No
Public designated parking for Blue Badge holders within 200m Yes - on Keble Road close to the entrance
Other nearby parking Pay and display
Main entrance Level access via main gates. Gates held open
Alternative entrance Some gates not wheelchair accessible
Wheelchair accessible toilets Yes - Radar key needed
Lift N/A
Hearing support systems N/A
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University map
  • No public parking at University Parks
  • Public Blue Badge spaces available on Keble Road located just under 200 m from the Keble Gate 
  • Click on the link below to view a map of Blue Badge parking in central Oxford

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  • Entry into the Parks is free
  • Please see the Parks website for more information including opening hours
  • There are several entrances into the Parks - many are wheelchair accessible, some are not
  • Once inside the Parks, all path surfaces are hoggin which generally gives good grip and a level firm surface 

Parks Road entrances

  • There is a path running alongside the Parks with three entrance points. The path is shared by pedestrians and cyclists with a central line dividing the two
  • All three entrances are step free, level and are held open during park opening hours
  • The Keble Gate at the south has a clear width of 1.8 m
  • The Ginkgo Gate in the middle has a clear with of 2.1m
  • The entrance gate at the north (by Norham Gardens) has a clear width of 1.4 m. The surface here is slightly worn and uneven; puddles can form when it's raining

Lady Margaret Hall Gate

  • Level footpath from Norham Gardens (close to Lady Margaret Hall) leading to gated entrance
  • The gate is designed to deter cyclists from entering the park - this means that it is unlikely to be accessible to wheelchair users and other disabled people
  • The gate must be pushed fully in one direction, then visitors enter a small side compartment (1.2 m x 1.2m). The gate is then pushed fully in the other direction to enable visitors to enter or leave the park
  • The gate is manual and large, but it is not heavy

High Bridge entrance

  • Pedestrian path from Marston to the Parks - uneven surface may not be accessible to many wheelchair users
  • There is a gate into the park with a clear width of 1.1 m. This is held open during opening hours
  • The path into the Parks goes over High Bridge - this is very steep (1 in 4 gradient)
  • There are railings either side of the bridge which are lower than standard railings - about 80 cm high
  • The bridge is 1.7 m wide

South Parks Road

  • Very wide gates into park (over 2m). Gates held open during opening hours
  • Vehicles also use this entrance. Traffic volume is low, but vehicles and pedestrians share the surface for a distance of about 40 m
  • Surface is level, with some sections that are poorly repaired and uneven

Marston cycle track entrance

  • Cycle path from Marston to the Parks leading to gated entrance
  • Narrow gate is designed to deter cyclists from entering the park - this means that it is unlikely to be accessible to wheelchair users and other disabled people
  • Adjacent gate locked with Radar Key padlock and bottom bolt. Gate has a clear width of 1m
  • Radar Key padlock is 1 m high. Bottom bolt is 55 cm high

Science Area entrance

  • Access into Parks from University Science Area
  • Wide level path leading to entrance
  • Gate into the park with a clear with of about 2 m. Gate is held open during opening hours

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  • Information signs at High Bridge entrance, Lady Margaret Hall Gate, South Parks Road entrance, Science Area entrance and Parks Road north entrance
  • Information signs at High Bridge entrance and Science Area entrance have Parks information only
  • All other information points have Parks information and a map
  • Signs are positioned high up and have small text

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  • Public toilets located in the centre of the Parks next to the cricket pavilion
  • Male, female, and accessible toilets

Accessible toilet

  • Radar Key needed to access toilet 
  • Uneven surface at entrance to path leading to toilet
  • Gate at path leading to toilet is held open, clear width of 76 cm
  • Outward opening toilet door, clear width of 86 cm
  • Door is light to medium to open
  • Door sticks against the ground when fully open
  • Door is locked with a small twist lock
  • Pull bar on the inside of the door
  • Room dimensions are 1.5 m wide by 2.3 m long 
  • Cleaners cupboard in the toilet reduces the available space
  • Lights switch on automatically 
  • Toilet seat height is 45 cm 
  • Toilet cistern can be used as a back rest
  • Lever flush on the closed side of toilet
  • As you face the toilet, transfer space is on left
  • Dropdown rail on transfer side of toilet
  • Wall mounted grab rails on closed side of toilet
  • Sink not reachable from toilet seat
  • Vertical grab rail on left side of sink
  • Poor contrast between the walls and  handrails and other fixtures
  • No clothes hooks
  • No mirror
  • Pull cord alarm next to toilet. Reset button not reachable from toilet
  • Open waste bin

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  • Network of paths throughout the Parks
  • Map available on the Parks website
  • Paths are mostly hoggin - a mix of gravel, sand and clay that binds when compacted
  • Hoggin gives a firm level surface
  • A few stones and tree roots stick out of path surface in places
  • Some sections of path are moderately uneven where surfaces have become worn and damaged
  • Small sections of path are tarmac or concrete. These are firm and level
  • Paths are generally level, but have a slight downwards camber (slope) either side for water drainage
  • Paths are generally between 2 m and 4 m wide
  • A few sections of paths are narrower - never less than 1 m wide 
  • Plenty of seating  on paths. Seating section has more details

October 2022 update

  • A small section of path alongside cricket pavilion leading to toilets is closed
  • Access to toilets remains by using the grass alongside the path
  • Grass surface is firm and level but may become muddy when weather is wet

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  • Benches available throughout the Parks
  • Benches are usually immediately next to the paths
  • Some benches are set back from paths
  • Almost all benches have back rests and arm supports
  • Benches have a range of seat heights - from around 40 cm high to around 53 cm high
  • Almost all benches have plenty of space around them for pushchairs and wheelchairs etc  
  • Visitors can also sit on the grass around the Parks

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  • Café is next to Keble Gate
  • Owned and operated by private company, not University Parks
  • Seating is outdoors. No covered area
  • Loose tables and chairs that can be moved if needed
  • Chairs have backrests but do not have arm rests
  • Tables are small and the legs prevent wheelchair access
  • Seating area is spacious
  • Café counter is 1.3 m high

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