Woodstock Road Nursery

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All areas, including the gardens, are fully wheelchair and pushchair accessible.   Parents will have a chance to look around the nursery before enrolling their children, so please inform the staff then of any access needs you may have. 

Please bear in mind that this is a nursery, so some play areas may be a little messy.  Watch out for little fingers and toes, and close all doors behind you!  

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This table contains summary information about the building

On-site designated parking for Blue Badge holders Yes - 1 space
Public designated parking for Blue Badge holders within 200m Yes
Other nearby parking Yes - Pay and display
Main entrance Level. Intercom. Manual door
Alternative entrance N/A
Wheelchair accessible toilets Yes - 1
Lift Yes
Hearing support systems No
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There is one disabled parking space available at the nursery.  Please book this in advance by contacting Sarah Inkpen on (01865)318980.  There is also Blue Badge parking available on nearby Rawlinson Road and St Margaret’s Road.



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The main entrance is level access.  From the car park, walk to your right past the buggy store to reach it.  To access the main entrance from the pavement, go through the metal gate and up the path.  The door is manually operated, but as all visitors have to be admitted by a staff member, there will be assistance available.  The intercom on the left hand side of the door has two buttons.  Please use button 1 to contact the nursery staff, and button 2 for Childcare Services.


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There is no reception as such in the building, but the Nursery Manager’s office is at the far end of the entrance corridor.  The intercom at the front door will contact staff from the Nursery or Childcare Services.


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Accessible toilets

The accessible toilet is right at the end of the main corridor.

Standard toilets

There are standard toilets for the children available off both Investigator rooms and the Inventors room.  There is a staff toilet on the main stairwell, which is accessed by steps.  There is also a staff toilet and shower on the second floor.  Both of the staff toilets are suitable for all genders.


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When you come into the building, walk past Investigators 2 and then turn left in front of the stairs to reach the platform lift.  This has braille buttons and a narrow vision panel in the door.  Please make sure that you close the door of the lift behind you when you exit.


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There is one main staircase in the building, which leads to the Discoverers and Explorers rooms on the first floor and the Childcare Services offices and staff room on the second floor.  This staircase has a continuous bannister on the right hand side, and a partial railing on the left hand side (ascending).  There are high contrast nosings. 


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Doors and gates may be coded for staff-only access, and door handles are placed high up out of the reach of the children.  Please ask the staff if you have trouble reaching any door handles.

Internal doors have narrow full-length vision panels with high door handles.  There are some child safety gates within play areas, some of which are a bit tricky to negotiate – please watch for small children!  Doors to the main garden have a mixture of large and small vision panels.   To get back into the building from the main garden through the door outside Investigators 1, visitors will need to use the intercom on the left hand side of the door.

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Level access to the main garden is either from the door outside Investigators 1 (which may be tight for some wheelchair users), or from the double doors in Investigators 1 itself.  Garden access from Investigators 2 is down a small step.   Access to the Preschool garden is through a single fire door from the Inventors room.  Both gardens are fully wheelchair accessible, with a mixture of paving and short grass.


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92 Woodstock Road

01865 593870

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