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There is step free access into and around this building. The entrance door is powered. There is an accessible toilet on both floors of the building. There is a portable loop available from reception. 

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This table contains summary information about the building

On-site designated parking for Blue Badge holders Yes - 3 spaces
Public designated parking for Blue Badge holders within 200m Yes
Other nearby parking Pay and Display
Main entrance Level > Powered door
Alternative entrance N/A
Wheelchair accessible toilets 2
Lift Yes
Hearing support systems Yes
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Floor plans

Follow the link to view a floor plan of the building showing level access routes: 

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Ewert House has its own car park at the back of the building, accessed from Ewert Place.  Turn in past Marks and Spencer; the entrance to the car park is at the end on your right.  The smaller car park straight ahead of you is for the neighbouring college only. The car park is for the use of students who must display a valid parking permit - these are available from reception. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis.

There are also five Blue Badge parking spaces located in the staff car park which is beyond a rising barrier. The Blue Badge spaces can be booked on a termly basis, please inform staff that you will need a space when you book your course. The spaces can also be booked as and when needed, but please contact reception in advance to arrange this: 01865 280800. 

The barrier to the staff car park is raised  after 5.30pm to give more parking spaces for evening classes but students must still display a valid parking permit. 



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Level access is via a ramp on the right hand side of the main entrance.  This has a handrail on both sides, and a tactile surface.  For those who don’t need level access, there is a flight of shallow concrete steps directly up to the main entrance.  These have contrasting nosings, but no handrail.  The entrance door is powered by a push button on the right hand side.  Although there is no vision panel, there is glass to either side of it. 


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The reception desk is on the left hand side as you come in through the main entrance.  This has a reduced height section.  There is no access to the building out of hours, and reception is always staffed.  There is a casual seating area at reception with plenty of space to park a wheelchair.


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Accessible toilets

On the ground floor, go through the door on the left hand side of reception, and the accessible toilet is at the end of the first stretch of corridor on your left.

On the first floor, there is an accessible toilet next to the kitchen. This can only be opened by a keycard which is available to collect from reception.  

Standard toilets

On the ground floor, there are Women’s toilets at the end of the first stretch of corridor next to the accessible toilet.  The Men’s toilets are further round the building, near to the goods lift.  There are no standard toilets on the first floor.

Please see floor plans for detailed locations.


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There are two lifts in the building.  Go through the door next to reception, and the main platform lift is halfway down the main corridor (on the right hand side).  This has a powered door which opens outwards (after pressing the buttons on the right hand side), and a voice to tell you which floor you are on.  This lift might be a little small for power chairs, so there is a larger lift available.  To get there, go past the main lift and follow the corridor round to your left.  The larger lift is at the end of this stretch of corridor (not far from the Men’s toilets), and is marked 'Goods Up'.  The lift has a heavy sliding door and no vision panel, so please ask staff for help if you would like it.


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There are three staircases connecting the ground and first floors.  All have contrasting tactile nosings and a bannister on both sides.  There are gaps in the railings on the side of the staircase which is not next to the wall, so please take care.


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The doors separating sections of corridor are wooden double doors with small vision panels.  These are usually held open during building opening hours.  Most of the doors to seminar rooms, lecture rooms, and the door to the common room have entrances which are one and a half door widths wide, with no vision panels.  All doors apart from the entrance door and the door for the platform lift are manual.


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The student resource room is located between lecture rooms 7 and 8 on the first floor.  The door is on coded access, so you might need to ask for help getting in.  You can obtain the code from the weekly class office.  The room has heavy chairs and a coffee table, as well as accessible computers and some information leaflets.  The desks for the computers are high enough to fit most wheelchairs under, and the office chairs provided for them are easily moved.


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All of the lecture theatres on the first floor follow the same basic pattern.  They are all different sizes, but have moveable furniture.   The majority of desks might be a bit low to fit wheelchairs under comfortably, but there are higher ones available in seminar rooms 1 and 2.

The exam hall is in the centre of the ground floor.   Exit the foyer via the door on the left, then take your second left and first right to get there. 


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Seminar rooms are the same as lecture theatres, but on a smaller scale.  All furniture is moveable.  The speaker’s area is accessible in all teaching rooms.


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The common room is next to the kitchen on the first floor.  It has low coffee tables and heavy chairs which are moveable with assistance.  There are accessible vending machines and magazine racks on the left hand side of the room as you go in. 


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There is a portable hearing support system available in all teaching rooms.  This can be collected from reception, but please mention that you will need it on your application form.

Accessible Computers

 The PC suite is located in lecture room 8 on the first floor.  There are desks with computers around the edge of the room, and other desks and chairs in rows in the centre of the room.  While these desks could be a bit low for some wheelchairs to fit under, the desks with computers on are a comfortable height.


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Ewert House
Ewert Place
Banbury Road

01865 280 800

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